Marcel has greatly enriched our always growing Terra X Instagram Account for a couple of years now.
His images, which have their own handwriting and personal note as well as his high-level professionalism, reliability and down-to-earth character make him a person who we enjoy working with.
— Editorial Journalist - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

TerraX is a German television program which belongs to the second German channel (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, ZDF). Since their history goes back over 30 year many people on Germany are very familiar with their documentaries about nature & animals, history and other topics. I felt very honored for this reason when they reached out about two years ago for the first time to license photos of mine for their Europe Saga publications with 6 episodes. My photos were used to teaser the audience in the Web before the newest episode were shown in the television.

From there we had some meetings about their Instagram strategy for the upcoming years and I supported with my knowledge and experiences about Social Media (focus on Instagram). It is an ongoing project and they are always open for my suggestions on new themes for their channel.

A second big part is the ongoing reporting from around the world for the @terrax Instagram account. I have been in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Iceland & Finland to create individual content which is always going to be published as a Takeover. That means I capture beautiful moments and combine these with useful background information about the places I visit for a more academic presentation of the destinations.

These Takeovers are usually a combination of Instagram feed-postings, stories with moderation (me as reporting person) and image captions with additional information given for the mostly German audience.