As an urban and metropolitan focused fashion brand we booked Marcel to bring the magical moments of landscape photography to architecture and urban street life. He absolutely delivered. The results of this challenge amazed us and speak for themselves.
— CEO of Uhrwerk Berlin

For the release of their first men collection from Uhrwerk Berlin I went to the capitol city for a two days shooting. Focus was to create content for website, shop and social media.

During the first day I went out in the city to capture some urban impressions to represent the city which the start-up is coming from. Second day was all about the watches itself. Together with a male model we went to several locations throughout the city and captured some daily situations happening in Berlin to feel the community connected to the brand of Uhrwerk Berlin.

What I really enjoyed was the focus on the task. I knew that I had to focus 100% on capturing the city and the watches in a great and representive way. It also was a great alternative to the common landscape environments I usually take my photos in.