Evolumina Lightroom Desktop Presets

Evolumina Lightroom Desktop Presets


Marcel Lesch, better known as Evolumina has created this Lightroom Desktop Presets Pack to help you improving your editing skills in Adobe Lightroom.

Marcel has traveled the world over the past two years and he has visited a huge variety of stunning places. This Presets Pack is made especially for spring landscapes: green gras, soft yellow morning light and foggy days are the perfect environments for the best outcome.

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC! Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. Instant Download of the 10 Presets available.

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10 exclusive Presets will help you to create vibrant images.

Evo 1 - This Presets adds a yellow and pink vibe to your image for a beautiful sunrise mood.

Evo 2 - Ever wondered how to create a sun in your images? Check out the filters I used to create a sun myself for a better morning look

Evo 3 - A typical day in Scotland: Mood and rain. Sometimes you really want to create that moody Instagram vibe but the weather is not on your side? Try this filter to overcast the sky and add some cinematic look to the shadows.

Evo 4 - Madeira offers some tropical vibes. But especially in the early morning before the sun rises the colors are often flat. Try this preset to add some saturation and color to your images.

Evo 5 - The world famous forest of Madeira. Try this preset to create a moody and cinematic looking image.

Evo 6 - You prefer a softer edit style? Try Evo 6 to create a soft moody edit.

Evo 7 - This preset is perfect for golden sunrises. It pushes the orange in the light and the blue in the shadows for the famous film look.

Eco 8 - A journey to the beach. Usually not my favorite type of landscapes but check this preset and see how I created the desaturated and moody look. Even though I took the photo at 2pm.

Evo 9 - This preset is another go to preset for easy and soft edits. if you prefer not to change the colors too much. Try this preset first.

Evo 10 - And the last one. My most famous photo on social media. It was quite vibrant and not moody at all. Check out the settings to see how to create a moody and desaturated cinematic look.