It´s been an absolute pleasure to have a co-operation with Marcel, who is really nice and professional person work with. The results have been amazing us and our regional partners. I can warmly recommend him.
— PR & Media Manager - Visit Finland

 My favorite winter destination so far is Finland due to its unique activities you can experience and the extremely friendly people behind the tourism board and local companies offering the tours to the public.

The main goal of working with a tourism office is for sure promoting the selected region to the audience as a travel inspiration. Due to the amount of different tourism offices I have worked with my best advice is: Instagram Stories over Instagram Postings. Alternative are carousel postings. The reason is: I can highlight a day way better through several stories compared to just one single photo. The variety of each activity is literally to large.

Therefore my main goal for this collaboration was to capture most in my stories besides stunning Instagram postings as an eye catcher. I took many impression photos every day to tell a story about what you can experience yourself in Finland during winter.