I took the Kia Sportage on a two and a half weeks road trio through the Norwegian summer. The main focus of this project was to create individual content which showcases the characteristics of the vehicle on the one side and the adventure vibe on the other side combined in one image.

The goal was to achieve images which inspire others to start their very own road trip with a Kia and therefore I also created a short film about this journey for a better way to capture the real feelings of such a trip. Waking up in the car, walking right down to the beach. Driving along the stunning Norwegian scenery. Going for a hike and finishing the day with a cozy campfire and marshmallows.

The main goal of this entire production was to establish a new picture style to the German Kia websites / social media accounts. We did not want to produce automotive catalog typically images. We wanted to get out in the field and showcase the Kia functionalities in combination with the beautiful landscapes. The car color was just the perfect fit for the very green landscapes and red fisherman houses.