This is probably the question I get the most. What camera do you use? What lens do you use? Which drone should I get? But does gear really matter? I say it doesn´t but it is a very helpful tool to improve the quality of your digital products. 

The most expensive camera is worth nothing if you don´t know how to handle it, if you don´t know how to place a subject in a picture of if you don´t wake up for sunrise to photograph the special places when they are empty and the light is good. 

What I mean is: We all try to update the camera and lenses as often as possible. For example Sony releases new cameras every year and many photographers update their systems right away but haven´t really figured out yet how to operate the older system. 

And do we all need 48MP, 4K video, 180 frames etc? Its definitely nice to have but at the end most of us don´t really need the high end solution which is mostly the most expensive one as well. In my opinion it is important to have a good base you can work with to reach the requirements of your customers and to create footage you can process later on in Lightroom, Premiere or whatever.

I also think that lenses are more important than a camera body. I would upgrade my lenses before getting a new body. Because the look you will capture in your images comes from the lens. Not the sensor. It is a huge difference if you can shoot with an aperture of 1.4 or 1.8 compared to 5.6. 

But! As always it depends on the type of photography you are doing. For a long exposure you won´t chose an aperture of 1.4 anyways. Therefore you might want to save the extra money for another lens and just get a f/4.0 version instead of the more expensive one. You see. It always depends on you, your style of photography, the requirements your clients have. 

For example if a client would want a 50MP image for a mega sized print, I would need to rent a camera for that. I can´t provide that pixel size but I don´t need it for my collaborations.


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The cameras


Canon 1DX MK II

This is my main camera for commercial photography and videography. The combination of the fast shutter (14 images per second) and the 100fps in Full HD are exactly what I need for most of my commercial jobs. The autofocus is just amazing and the tracking works in 99% of the times.

I am not missing more megapixels on that camera since most image licenses I sell are not for bigger prints anyways. And I can literally shot in every type of weather. I even dipped it once in water for accident and it was not a problem at all.

And of course the second shutter button for portrait mode is perfect for all instagram photographers who shoot portrait mode for a 4:5 image.


Canon 5D MK IV

This is my backup camera for commercial work since I got the 1DX. I always bring a second body if I’m on an assignment for a customer. It would be a nightmare if my camera would break down and I couldn´t finish the job because I didn't bring a backup one! All in all this is a great camera which I used for a long tome for all my commercial jobs. The dynamic range and colors are really good.

Since I use the 1DX the weight of the 5D feels like nothing and its the camera I also take with me if I don’t shoot any videos. If I only take a few behind the scenes photos etc or if I go on a hike to shoot a product and I don’t want to bring the heavy brother.


The lenses


Canon EF 16-35 mm 2,8 L III USM

This is the lens I use the most. It is incredibly sharp (because it is the third generation). An aperture of 2.8 is always good to have especially in the early morning and laze evening hours and it is not too heavy for me. Attached to the 1DX it has a great weight balance since the body is still heaver and the lens does not pull the body down while holding it with one hand.


Canon EF 24-70 mm f/2,8L II USM

This lens is on my camera not for landscape but for documentary photography for example. The wide range is very helpful if you are not familiar with the surroundings. If you are walking through a city and you want to get different angles thats the lens I use. It is not on my camera If I take photos at a lake and want to get as much as possible in my image.


Canon EF 70-300 mm/4,0-5,6 L IS USM

This is the last zoom lens I own for my Canon cameras. I bought it used because I don’t need it very often and wanted to save some money. The only time I use this lens is if I want to shoot a mountain or wildlife and need to get closer. Its great for the typical scale photos of a person walking on a road or standing on an edge with a mountain ridge in the back. To maximize the size of this mountain you can’t chose a wide angle lens for this situation.

Since the aperture is f/4,0-5,6 this lens is not usable before sunrise or after sunset. It is also quite heavy. Therefore I always wish I could leave it in the car but I don’t want to miss the opportunity for a great photo in case I wouldn’t bring it with me!


Canon EF 24 mm/1,4 L II USM

One of the two prime lenses I own. I don’t use them often for my landscape photography but for products or automotive images they are extremely good. Its a very sharp lens and the option of aperture f/1.4 is really good for all kinds of blue hour photos. But I use it also for videography. The open aperture is very good for a cinematic look and the size and weight is very small. Attached to the 1DX its almost no difference to the weight of the body only.

Its the lens I attach to my camera if I shoot an opening scenes with surroundings or follow shots of a person because you don’t want to be too zoomed in and cut out important objects in the surrounding areas to establish a new environment to the video.


Canon EF 85mm /1,4L IS USM

My second prime lens is this one. I use the 85 lens for all detail shots of my videography. To combine the opening and following shots of a video it is important to switch the perspective as well. If you film a person walking towards a car. Get the 85 lens on your camera in the next step and film a detail shot how the person starts the engine for example. That different focal length gives every video a better look.

This lens is also extremely good for commercial photography. The look and sharpness are high quality and I use this lens to shoot automotive subjects for example, because you don’t get a weird wide-angle look.


My drones


DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

My newest member of the Evo gear family is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. I can only say: I love it! The size is unbeatable and the image quality insane! Recently I enjoy shooting landscape panorama photos to have the maximum of pixels for an easier crop. Since it doesn’t come with portrait mode anymore you will be happy with the extra images around the subject for a portrait crop for your next instagram posting!

6X7A6381 2.jpg

DJI Phantom 4Pro + Obsidian

My favorite drone for a long time was the Phantom 4 Pro + ! It was great to fly because of its size and weight. It felt more steady and calmer in the air. The reason why I got the + version is the inbuilt monitor. We all hate it to attach the phone to the controller. Its less bright, always low of battery and all in all not the greatest monitor to see the actually footage.

Its a very reliable drone and it performed extremely good. Even within stronger wind or rain! Only down side: The size. Its quite hard to bring it on a hike if you are also bringing cameras and lenses as well! But! If you are mostly visiting places you can reach by car this is still the drone I would prefer !


 My action cam


GoPro HERO 7 Black Edition

We all know the situation when we wish we could just bring our camera with us under water. Well if you don’t want to invest into a super experience underwater-housing a GoPro is a really good option for you as well! It is not just the fish eye sports camera anymore like it was a few years ago. The adjustments you can do to improve the quality of the camera are extremely good! RAW images and no wide angle for example. It will be hard to say if the photo was taken with a DSLR or action cam!

I always throw my GoPro in my backpack just to have it with me in case I come into a situation I need it! It is super small and light anyways!




Sony 128GB UHS-II SD Speicherkarte SDXC Class 10

If you shoot lots of video or in burst mode you want a SD card which is able to write all the information as quick as possible. The worst is to wait for the SD card to be ready and missing out another very important moment! This card is extremely fast and my first choice.


SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash

Since my 1DX does not take any SD cards I had to get a good CF card for it. The San Disk Extreme Pro is the one I trust for my 1DX. I haven’t had any issues yet. Therefore I save my money and didn’t buy a CF Fast card yet, because they are really expensive! 160MB/s are definitely enough to keep up with filming and the burst mode as well!


SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB

It is very important to store and secure your images during your adventures! It would be the worst to lose any images because you haven’t had a backup! Therefore I always bring two of the SSD with me. I do one copy of each of them. One SSD stays in the hotel or car and the other SSD is always in my backpack. I have also very big cards in my cameras (128GB usually). Therefore I don’t have to format the cards and keep the original photo on the card until I get back home. At the end I have 3 copies of all my photos. At home I transfer them onto my NAS server (with a security copy as well). For me this is the best and fastest way to secure my images and videos on the go!





Audio is extremely important if you want to take videography bit more serious. I am still improving every time but what I learned so far. You hear before you see. If you want to create a specific mood, you should focus on the audio of your movies as well. The ZOOM is a great recorder for ambience sounds. I usually film a scene like a waterfall and record the sound of if while moving it again like my camera just seconds before. You can easily put a SD card in it which lasts for ever because the audio files are not really big.

Especially If I film 100fps the camera does not record any audio. Consequently I need an external recorder for the files.


Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

I just got this Kit for my latest assignments for TerraX. If you follow the takeovers I do on the account it is usually me talking into the camera while walking around. During my last trip to the Faroe Islands I wanted to get further away from the camera to showcase the surroundings as well while talking. Consequently I had to get a good mic which also has a good connection outside and further away from the camera and recorder. There are very expensive options on the market. I chose to cheaper option and I am very happy with the quality! It was extremely windy and the audio quality is still very good!


Rode VideoMic Pro

A great mic for filming and getting good audio at the same time. Its easy to attach to your camera and the batteries inside are still not empty after a couple of years using from time to time. It has a good quality and is easy to use.




DJI - Smart Battery for Mavic 2 Pro

Everyone who owns a drone knows about the battery problem. We would love to fly all day but the batteries seem always empty! Therefore I got the fly more combo and one battery extra! I have 4 in total now and that is usually okay for one day. But I always charge them right away while driving in the car or while having food in an accommodation to make sure I don’t run out of energy!


Peak Design Capture

A tiny tool which is great for every smaller camera. You can just attach it to your backpack to have your camera always ready. Since I use the 1DCX for my commercial shoots I don’t use it anymore. It would hold the weight but the camera is just too big to have it on my backpack. But it was great while I used the GH5 or tried the Sony A7RIII. It also works great with the Olympus!


MC-SD12 SD cards from JJC

It is important to protect your SD cards. Don’t throw them in your backpack. You will either lose or destroy them! I like to keep them organized in this little waterproof case!


And thats it.. This is the gear I use to create the content you see daily on my Instagram account or the commercial stuff for the companies I work with. It is a lot of gear, expensive gear. It took a while to get all of this together but I really like my set up now. I can deal with a huge variety of photography and videography projects without renting any equipment and I have a few backup systems while on the road which is important to guarantee a good result for your clients.